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Our expertise and up-to-date training allow us to successfully complete repairs on all devices. Depending on the cost and customer choice, repairs can be made using genuine or oem components.

IT FIX is committed to customer satisfaction and all repairs made by us are provided under warranty.

Any iPhone Repair
Reliable and affordable apple repairs.
Housing is damaged

Make your iPhone to look like new! We use genuine housing. FIX IT NOW! 10% Website Discount

Water Damage Repair

High success rate using the new repairs technologies and the ultrasonic cleaner. FIX IT NOW! 10% Website Discount

Broken Screen Repair

LCD screen replacement made in one hour. FIX IT NOW! 10% Website Discount

Frozen Screen

When the screen gets frozen, most of the times it will require the touch IC to be replaced. FIX IT NOW! 15% Website Discount

Earpiece and loudspeaker repair

When you don't have any sound on calls or the phone rings but not hearing, the earpiece and loudspeaker need to be changed FIX IT NOW! 10% Website Discount

Battery Replacement

30 minutes any battery replacement. FIX IT NOW! 10% Website Discount

IT FIX offers a large variety of electronics repairs
Quick & Convenient Repair Process
Professional Technicians
Only Use High Quality Parts
Check the repair status online
Warranty for all repairs
Multiple repairs services in one location
We Use Genuine Parts to Fix your Device
Affordable prices & fast repair services
Genuine parts have been used to build your device. Genuine parts are made or selected by the device maker and rigorously tested by that maker as an integral component of the device to meet high quality, safety and performance standards. This ensures that your device it will work according to his features.

They are also OEM parts which stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer, these parts are basically approved to be used in repairs only that they doesn’t contain any logo, this parts it will function the same as the genuine and it wont affect in any circumstances the good working and performance of the devices.

Quick Diagnostics
Quick Diagnostics
Quick and convenient offers.
Over 10 years in field.
Low cost repairs.
Always in touch
Always in touch
You know what is the status of the repair.
before-after before-after
Screen Replacement
Best Screen Quality On the market
They are few types of screens on the market, we are using the best ones!
Experienced Engineer
Very experimented engineer taking the repair process to the next stage.
Warranty for all screen repairs.
LCD Screen warranty starting from 6 months.
Read FAQ’s
Your all questions are answered here about our services.

What is the average time to have my device repaired?

IT FIX is a local shop and the repairs are made locally. The average  time for each repair is 1 hour but of course it could take longer, depending on the damage and if the required parts are in stock. We offer repair status email notifications in this way we will always be in touch and you will know what your repair status is.

How much will my repair cost?

The repair prices depend on the damage. In some cases the device may also have some other damages which we won’t be able to see until we open it, if this happens we always contact the customer to explain and to ask if we can go ahead with the comprehensive repair.
Our prices are very competitive in the market.

The parts used for repair are genuine or OEM?

Most of the time we do use genuine and OEM parts for doing repairs but sometimes we might use some third party parts giving the customer option to chose and also offer them a lower price. We always make sure that the third party parts are tested and high quality, so we offer repair warranty.

Do I get any warranty for my repair?

We are committed to offer customers satisfaction and yes we do offer warranty for most of our offered services.

On water damage repairs we might not be able to offer warranty as this repair is made most of the times only for data recovery.

Are my personal files protected during the repair process?

Customer personal files are our priority to keep them safe and we always we try to protect them against loss, before any repair we advice the client to make a full backup as there could be a risk of losing files while fixing the device.

In some cases if the device is very damaged it will require data recovery service. We also offer data recovery services!



How many store locations IT FIX have?

Currently IT FIX has only one location which is based in Galway City on number 21 Dominick Street Upper, we are planning on extending!  Our locations list it will be updated once we have another stores opened.

Are the IT FIX technicians certified and experimented?

IT FIX technicians are highly trained and also certified, we take the repair process very serious and we are very flexible even if you were told that the device might not be fixable , we might fix it! We already have many happy customers and we are truly proud to share their feedback’s on the  IT FIX website.


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